About the School

Guardian International School is a secular and not-for-profit school established in 2012 by Guardian Foundation. The foundation was founded by 3 illustrious Alumni of NIT Calicut – Paul N Jacob(Mechanical Engineer), K Vijayaraj(Electrical Engineer) and Sarto Rajendran(Civil Engineer)

The school, established in Chengalpattu, a satellite town of Chennai, offers high quality education to children from diverse communities- a good majority from the underprivileged.and marginalised communities.

We offer the National Curriculum, CBSE, adapted to an international context. With students from different parts of the country and varied socio-economic conditions, the school provides student-centred education in a safe, stimulating environment rooted in tradition.

Guardian School firmly believes that every child is a potential  and a powerful human being. The School shall play a vital role in shaping the destiny of every student and help prepare them to meet the challenges of future by imparting holistic learning rich in social, cultural, theoretical and practical knowledge.

We also believe that every child studying here will remember these days as their finest and most memorable time in their lifetime, marked by creative, social, and emotional development, and characterized by a lifelong learning and the joys of new, diverse friendships.

The school offers the National Curriculum,  CBSE, adapted to an international context. With students from different parts of the country and varied socio- economic conditions, the school provides a student-centered education in a safe, stimulating  environment rooted in tradition.


To empower students to acquire, articulate, demonstrate and value knowledge and skills that will support them.


To give every student the education, skills  and care needed to grow

Our Objective

To educate and nurture at least 10,000 children into future leaders who will have a positive impact on their communities. Our focus is on investing in children from under privileged and socially challenged backgrounds. Our commitment is that at least 50% of the students will be granted partial or full scholarships. We believe that in investing in these students will benefit not only their families but generations to come.

Unfortunately, most private schools in India cater to middle and high-income families. These schools charge exorbitant fees well above the affordable levels for an average Indian family. Children from underprivileged communities are usually left with no choice but to study in under equipped schools or even drop out of school during the most formative years of their early childhood education. The result is a huge percentage of the children from the lower economic strata of society do not get a strong foundation in early academics which results in unemployment and underemployment in later years.

How we stand Unique

One of the few International Schools for the Underprivileged in India with an affordable holistic learning model with cutting edge Technology support.

●       Highly qualified, competent, and committed teaching faculty.

●       Knowledge and experience sharing from NIT Calicut Alumni.

●       Accomplished professionals in many fields across the globe who regularly contribute as Visiting Faculty.

●       Skill Development and Internships in Institutes /Industry from 9th std to 12th Grade  to equip the students with more employable and Industry friendly skills

An eminent Academic Advisory Board with Professionals from different sectors


Our school earned 2 prestigious National Awards during 2019:

1. ELDROK India –Quality Education with Affordability Award on Oct 16,2019

2. Project Management India PMI Top Innovator Award in Start-ups on Nov 17, 2019.

School Statistics

Present Grades: Pre-school – 7th Grade in2022-23 and KG to 12th Grade by 2026-27 in CBSE format

Number of students: 220  presently. We hope to have around 400 to 500 students by 2024 and 1500 to 2000  students by 2027

Message from the Principal

As Principal I wish you a very warm welcome to Our School!

We are indeed proud to state that we are extending holistic education in CBSE curriculum at an affordable fee. Management lays the greatest importance for its Human Assets. Obviously best investment for a Growing school is in making available Good, Qualified, Trained and committed Teachers Majority of the teachers now in place are Graduates and Postgraduates in Science and Technology with excellent Academic record.


Mrs Priya Merini, Principal


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